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While I urge you to engage in self-agency, I know there is always someone who will have a question or questions. I am happy to answer questions requiring a brief response by email at no charge, if you grant me the right to post the question and the answer on this site. If you have multiple questions or a complex question, I am available for paid Q&A. Telephone or email consultations are available at $15.00 per quarter hour or portion thereof. There is a pre-paid minimum of $15.00 to schedule a telephone or email consultation. Face-to-face session are $100 per hour when conducted at a location and time selected by me. Sessions conducted at a location and time selected by the client are negotiable. Sessions at a client's location are subject to expense charges.

To contact me with a question or about a consultation see the Contact page on this site.

David B. Center, PhD
Professor Emeritus