Inner Ego Communication
Pathways to the inner self
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Appendix Seven

Points for Contemplation

David Center


Abide in Presence.

Compulsive thinking is cognitive avoidance of being Present.

Divine Love is absolute, unconditional acceptance.

Ego is the mask God wears while pretending to be you.

God can only be revealed in deep Presence.

Experience is fundamentally an emotional attachment to physicality that exists to be transcended.

Ego's resistance to Being blocks Presence and Self-realization.

The ground of all being is Divine Love.

The mind is a mirror reflecting the endless flux of the relative.

God is formless and omnipresent.
Belief in God is the greatest obstacle to knowing God.

To be Present, focus attention fully on awareness.

Unconditional love dissolves the attachment of ego to judgment.

Your way of being in the world determines the reality you experience.

Is there no doer?