Inner Ego Communication
Pathways to the inner self
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Appendix Eleven
David Center


1. That there is a Universal power permeating all creation and that power has been called by many names: God, Allah,  Elan Vital, Chi, Atman, Cosmic Consciousness, Primordial Atom, Big Bang and so on.

2. That the Universal is in a state of evolution and that all life is a part of that evolution.

3. That the greater the consciousness of a life form the more active is its role in the evolution of the Universal.

4. That each individual is an independent manifestation of the Universal.

5. That each individual is evolving toward a merger with the Universal.

6. That the Universal is indifferent to all considerations of age, sex, race, religion, politics, social status, wealth, and so on.

7. That the Universal does not actively or directly influence the experience of individuals.

8. That individuals can achieve an empathetic communion with the Universal.

9. That communion with the Universal can be attained through the three channels of experience: Physical, Mental and Emotional.

10. That the Universal is understood by each individual in the manner and to the extent that the individual is prepared to understand it, and it is each individual's responsibility to develop a personal path for that understanding.

                                                                   *With apologies to Trinitarians. At the time this was written, I was unaware that there was such a group.
                                                     This piece reflects my perspective and not that of the Trinitarian religious order.