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Appendix Three

Self-induction Example
David Center

You can use the following induction for Pathway One (autosuggestion). Feel free to modify it in any manner that makes it more suitable for you. You can either memorize and recite the induction to yourself or record it and listen to it. Some people find their own voice on a recording distracting. If you're such a person, get a spouse or friend to record the induction for you. If you can afford it, a professional reader is another possibility.

Depending on whether you use self-recitation, a self-recording or have someone else prepare a recording, you may need to edit the induction relative to words such as “you” and “I” using whichever form sounds the most natural for the delivery method being employed. This also applies to the instruction on a recording to repeat to yourself suggestions as they are being delivered. Even if the recording uses “you,” it may feel more natural when repeating a suggestion to substitute “I” for “you.” You might find it more natural to drop out the instruction to repeat, if you're using the recitation method for delivery.

Whether you recite or listen to the induction, do so in a location that is quiet and where you aren't likely to be disturbed. Sit or lie with your arms and legs uncrossed. If you are sleepy or find that you are prone to falling asleep during the induction, you should sit up straight in a chair rather than leaning back or lying down.

The Induction

Please take several deep relaxing breaths.*

Hold your head normally and look up with your eyes.

Find a spot and focus on it.

You may close your eyes whenever you wish, or

Wait for me to instruct you to do so. (Pause)

Resume breathing at a normal pace, but

Continue to breathe from your diaphragm.

If you need to swallow or adjust your position, do so.

This will only increase your relaxation.

If you haven't closed your eyes yet, close them.

Now relax the muscles in your feet and toes.

Just let the muscles go and feel your feet relax.

As they relax, warm blood flows easily to the muscles, and

The muscles relax even more.

Now relax the muscles in your lower legs and knees,

Relaxation spreading up through your calves and knees.

Just let the muscles go, and

Feel the warmth of relaxation spreading up your legs.

Your feet and lower legs are very limp and relaxed.

Now relax the muscles in your thighs.

Just let the muscles in your thighs go limp.

Feel your legs and feet sag in relaxation.

They are so heavy it would take too much effort to move them.

Now relax the muscles in your buttocks and stomach,

All the muscles just letting go and becoming limp and relaxed.

Just let the muscles go and feel your buttocks and stomach relax.

You are very limp and relaxed.

Now relax the muscles in your chest and back.

Feel relaxation spreading through your chest and back.

Just let the muscles go and feel the warmth of relaxation spreading.

Your chest and back are very limp and relaxed.

Now relax the muscles in your hands and fingers.

Then feel the relaxation spreading up your arms, and

Through your elbows and into your shoulders.

Just let the muscles go and feel your arms and hands relax.

Now relax the muscles in your neck, face and scalp,

All the way up from your neck, over your face and head.

Just let the muscles go limp and relaxed.

Your jaw sags slightly so that your teeth do not touch.

As you breathe, feel a wave of relaxation pulsing through you.

All of the tension in your body just draining away.

You feel very relaxed and at ease.

Your body is quiet and out of mind.

I'm now going to count from one to eight, and

With each number your body will become more relaxed, and

Your attention will become more focused on the sound of my voice.

1. Calm and relaxed, every muscle completely limp.

2. Your attention is becoming more and more concentrated.

3. Your body feels very rested and at ease.

4. You are fully focused on my voice now, and

5. Any thoughts or noises seem far away and easily ignored.

6. Your subconscious mind is now fully open.

7. Your inner ego has a perfect channel for messages

8. Into your powerful unconscious mind.

*See description of diaphragmatic breathing in the Definitions section.

Note: Substitute an alternate scene if the one below doesn't resonate with you.

I want you to imagine yourself as a passenger in a car.

Imagine that you are in the front seat of the car, and

The car is on an isolated two-lane road that is very straight.

It is late at night and very dark.

Imagine that all you can see is the road stretching out ahead of the car.

The car's headlights cut a tunnel into the darkness ahead.

The road disappears into the darkness beyond the light.

The ride is quiet, peaceful and hypnotic.

You are settled down into the comfort of the seat.

Your breathing is natural and easy.

Each time you exhale, your focus on my voice increases.

You are watching the road with no thoughts or concerns.

Imagine that the illuminated section of road

Represents your subconscious mind, and

Your unconscious mind is the darkness into which the road disappears.

You are confident, at ease and enjoying the ride.

Your only care is keeping your eyes focused on the road and

Keeping your ears carefully tuned to my voice.

Your hearing is highly concentrated, and

You attend to no sound other than my voice.

The roadway before you is an open pathway

Into your powerful, unconscious mind,

A place where you can accomplish many things,

Almost magically, simply by sending messages into it.

Now take another nice deep breath all the way in, and

As you exhale, your focus on my voice increases even further.

Know that should anything happen that requires your attention,

You will be immediately alert and fully aware of the situation.

In a moment you will receive some suggestions.

After you hear a suggestion repeat it to yourself once.

Each time you hear and repeat a suggestion to yourself,

You are planting the suggestions deep in you unconscious mind.


You can return to this very pleasant state anytime you wish.

Just breathe deeply and slowly several times,

Telling yourself to relax your body and open your mind.

Relax and open with each breath.

Very soon now you will find yourself returning

To a normal state of awareness.

I'm going to count backward from five to one, and

At the count of one, you'll open your eyes.

You will be refreshed, relaxed and alert.

5. Beginning now,

4. Conscious mind taking over,

3. Normal awareness returning.

2. Take a deep breath and move if you like.

1. Open your eyes.